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BioShift® Small Pass Through

The BioShift® Pass-Through UV-C Chamber is an eco-friendly and cost-effective tool that uses ultraviolet C (UV-C) light santitation to inactivate viruses and other pathogens. The BioShift® chamber’s UV-C light fixes key vulnerabilities found on everyday items like cell phones, keyboards and more by eliminating the pathogen’s ability to multiply and spread disease.

Easy to use
Before entering a bio-secure area, simply place your items into the BioShift® chamber through the “street” or dirty side. Then, after exposing the items to UV-C light for a recommended time of five minutes, they can be removed on the “bio-secure” or clean side.

Adaptable design
The BioShift® Pass-Through UV-C Chamber is available in a small and large size. The small chamber is ideal for small-scale use, limiting the import of pathogens through everyday items like cell phones, food, eyeglasses and tools, while the large chamber is great for facilities or entrances with a higher volume of people coming and going every single day.

Philips BioShift Pass-Through UV-C Germicidal Chamber Small, 4x 20W UV-C lamps, 1 tray, 66 litres capacity

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