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UV-C Disinfection Chamber

The UV-C disinfection chamber is designed for disinfection of objects for professional, non-medical use.It uses a set of Philips UV-C lamps that offers spectral power within the UV Germicidal Irradiation bandwidth, which effectively inactivates pathogens such as virus, bacteria or fungi within minutes, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.The UV-C lamp technology not only uses spectral power most effective against infectious agents, but unlike some solutions in the market, also does not cause any ozone emission that is potentially hazardous to health, making the process chemical free and cause no residue during or after usage.It comes in stainless steel housing and with tempered glass inspection window. The inspection window is a safe way to visually verify that UV-C lamps are functional and the disinfection cycle is in process, as the lamps provide a violet glow in case of operation. It has high reflective coating interior and a woven mesh tray structure to minimise shadowing and maximise UV-C dosage for that effective and fast disinfection.Operation of the device is simple, only involving use of a timer rotary and a power switch. User can simply open the door, place the object(s) to be sanitied in the designated tray(s), close the door, turn on the power and set the timer to the required disinfection duration as per the recommended disinfection time table found in the user manual. Timer will notify user once the disinfection cycle is complete, so that user can remove the object(s), close the door, and turn off the device.The UV-C chamber is a risk exempt device that is totally safe to use in an indoor environment as per the instructions in the user manual, comes with safety features built in to avoid any accidental direct exposure to UV-C radiation, including lamp shields to prevent accidental lamp breakage. UV-C disinfection chamber can be safely used for effective sterilisation of objects and (shared) devices in numerous indoor applications given that it doesn’t involve medical use. 

UV-C Disinfection Chamber

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