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UV-C Surface Disinfection Control System 10 PIR Sensors

When using UV-C lighting, the building occupant’s safety should be the priority. That’s why the Philips Dynalite UV-C control system is designed to enable operation of UV-C solutions in a safer way

Philips PDUVCC-10 Dynalite UV-C Controller with prewired control panel with 10 PIR sensors

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Safety First – Why Controls

While UV-C light offers significant benefits in inactivating the DNA and RNA of micro-organisms*, it must be used with care and consideration for the safety of people and animals. Direct exposure to UV-C damages skin and the retina, therefore it must only be used when people are outside of the areas irradiated by the UV-C light. 

This solution includes safety mechanisms such as authorized activation, warning alerts before activating UV-C lamps, movement sensors and emergency stop switches to deactivate in case of potential hazards. The Philips Dynalite UV-C control system helps ensure that authorized operators can use and manage the UV-C solution in a safer way. The control system’s multiple mechanical and network safeguards are designed with safety in mind and help prevent exposure to harmful UV rays while at the same time applying the appropriate UV-C dosage.

Control functions

A proper UV-C disinfection system performs the following control functions:

  • Confirms that the area is clear of human beings and/ or animals before allowing the UV-C lamps to turn on.
  • Signals the activation of the disinfection cycle to people in the neighborhood of the target area.
  • Provides an easy way of locally stopping the disinfection cycle.
  • Runs the UV-C lamps for the prescribed dosage and signals if the system was unable to complete the disinfection cycle due to premature stopping.
  • Monitors the UV-C lamp run-time so that the system can advise the site that the UV-C lamps are reaching the end of their economic life and require a re-lamp.
  • The system self-checks that all network devices such as occupancy sensors and internal control components are connected and responding correctly. If any issue is detected the system will prevent the UV-C lamps from turning on.
  • Ensures that an unforeseen system fault cannot unintentionally activate the system.sage.


This means

  • Area entrances must be monitored.
  • Multiple strategically mounted motion sensors need to be used for determining occupancy. A single motion sensor cannot be used for occupancy.
  • The system can only be activated manually by a local authorised person. The authorized person will be required to review and comply with the instructions provided in the product documentation.
  • Alarms (visible and audible are recommended) will be mounted to warn occupants that the system will be turning on and running the UV-C lamps.
  • Emergency stop switches are mounted within the irradiated space to enable occupants to stop the cycle.
  • The power circuit is physically interrupted when the system is not armed.



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