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UV-C Measurement Devices

UV-C 254 Puck

The UV-C PUCK measures the total UV-C dosage delivered over the measured time frame i.e. transit through UV-C Decontamination chamber.

It can be used where a conveyor belt (or similar) passes underneath UV-C lamps, e.g. in UV-C Food Decontamination Tunnels. These type of pucks are also used extensively in the printing industry, as well as PCB manufacturing and others.

The UV-C PUCK is placed on the conveyor belt or similar, so that the UV sensor on the back of the unit is facing toward the UV-C lamps. The sensor receives the UV-C output whilst passing the lamps in the range of 230 to 280 nm and integrates it over the exposure time. The total dose delivered is displayed on the LCD in mJ/cm2.

With regular measurements it is therefore possible to anticipate the time and minimum UV dose needed to achieve desired ‘kill’ levels.

UV lamps can then be cleaned or replaced at the right time, i.e. not too soon to save costs and not too late to prevent micro-biological problems.

Consumables & Other Products

Replacement Emitters & Ballasts:

Manufacturers include:

If you are having difficulty sourcing a replacement emitter or ballast then please contact us and a member of our experienced team will help you with related pricing /alternatives.

We are committed to provide you with quality customer service and products at an affordable price.

Our Other Products Include:

Our Other Products Include:

Safe Blade UV-C knife disinfection cabinet

Services Provided Include:

testing growth of micro-organisms

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