UV-C Disinfection of Security Trays

Security Trays Pose a Real Risk to Health

Why UV-C Disinfection of Security Trays is important.

A recent study has shown that plastic trays at airport security have more respiratory viruses than public toilets, as the trays are used by virtually all passengers security trays were found to pose the highest potential risk of viral contamination.

Cagliari Airport has become the first European Airport to introduce a new UV-C surface disinfection system. Supplied by UVT’s partners, Sanycar, the system uses UV-C light to sanitise the storage & hand luggage trays used at the airport’s passenger security checkpoints. By eliminating pathogens – bacteria, viruses, or other micro-organisms that can cause disease – the UV-C light effectively disinfect the trays as they pass by.

uv-c disinfection tunnel for security trays

UV Technology offer an innovative solution, manufactured by our trading partners, to cater to the needs of airport facilities. Thanks to a proprietary technology, based on UV-C germicidal irradiation and capable of killing 99,9% of micro-organisms and viruses, Sany Tray performs deep disinfection of security trays in a matter of few seconds. Contact us to find out more about our no-touch disinfection solutions for the airport, healthcare, facilities managementand travel hub sectors.

As leaders in the field of product, air, surface and liquid disinfection, UVT manufacture and promote a range of products that address the challenges faced by Airports, transport hubs, cruise ships, hotels etc.

security tray uv-c disinfection
UV-C Disinfection of Security Trays at Cagliari Airport

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