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Food Industry

As leaders in the field of product, air, surface and liquid disinfection, UV Technology manufacture and promote a range of products that address such challenges in food production, storage and transportation.

Our UV-C disinfection systems can reduce the proportion of micro-organisms by up to 99.99%.

This can form a decisive, competitive advantage for many food producers, processors and retailers. UV Technology’s products and expertise in this area can be one of the keys to that competitive advantage.

low care to high care transfer brochure cover

Low Risk to High Risk Transfer

The transfer of foodstuffs, equipment, packaging and personnel from ‘low risk to high-risk’ areas within a food factory has always represented a challenge for food producers. Strict procedures to meet the required standards for the transfer of personnel have long been in place. However, the transfer of foodstuffs, equipment and packaging still poses a significant problem and threat to bio safety.

Air & Surface Decontamination

A range of Air and Surface decontamination products, including UV-C and AFT solutions, offered by UV Technology

UV Technology Mmachine Images brochure

Images of Food Industry Systems

Demonstrates the variety and capability of UV Technologies solutions for the food industry. This brochure includes images of both our standard & bespoke systems and also includes examples of OEM integrated
UV-C solutions.

Efficacy Trial Data

Details independent efficacy testing conducted using UV Technology’s range of decontamination technologies in both production and UKAS accredited laboratory facilities. It also covers novel applications of UV-C light in emerging markets. If you would like to undertake efficacy testing using our solutions then please contact us on +44 (0) 161 408 0060 or alternatively email us at info@uvtglobal.com

Bakery Industry

Hygiene plays a key role in the bakery industry. Raw materials and bakery products are prone to contamination by micro-organisms such as bacteria, yeasts and moulds. They are able to spread easily via the air, contaminating product and leading to spoilage, wastage and customer complaints.

UV Technology’s disinfection systems provide an effective solution to these problems. They can reduce the proportion of micro-organisms in the air, on surfaces and on the product itself by up to 99.9 %.

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