Safety Measures and Limits

The use of UV-C has implications relating to operator safety. There are published guidelies regarding safe working limits. Where necessary operatives should use PPE (Personel protection equipment) where limits are exceeded. Below is an extract from the EU Directive – Artificial Optical Radiation Guide by means of introduction.

UV Technology Global’s products are designed to perform within all regulatory safety limits.

For further reference please download the two associated full pdf documents here:

Artificial Optical Radiation Directive Guide

EU Directive 2006-25-EC


‘Recommended Exposure Limit’ (REL) for occupational exposure to UV radiation. The REL is intended to provide protection to workers from acute effects of UV exposure.

Photosensitive persons exposed concurrently to photoactive chemicals might not be protected by the recommended standard.

UV-C sources can be measured with handheld radiometers and if values exceed
permissible exposure levels personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn.

PPE consists of eyewear and non UV-C transparent clothing covering all exposed skin.

UV inspection, maintenance, and repair workers typically do not remain in one location during the course of their workday; hence, are not exposed to UV irradiance levels for 8 hours. Consideration should be based on real-time exposure.

The exposure limit specified in the Artificial Optical Radiation Directive 2006/25/EC is 30 J/m² at 253.7nm for a daily 8 hour work shift.

Well-designed and commissioned UVGI installations, education of maintenance personnel, signage, and use of safety switches can help to avoid overexposure. During commissioning and before operation of the UVGI installation, hand-held radiometers with sensors tuned to read the specific 254 nm wavelength should be used to measure stray UV-C energy (primarily in upper-air systems).

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